Steven Harris’ Method for WiFi Extension….

 The simple and EFFECTIVE way to go it on a budget.   Get serious WIFI 4G  LTE or 3G data and then use 'cellular over WIFI for calling'.  F'n Harris  Approved and USED for years.   Works in Vehicle and when camped.  I have  an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S9+ cell phone and I have a verizon JetPack.  So I can talk and use AT&T data if I want (no antennas) or I can talk over verizon internet on the cellular antennas with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy


The really serious way to do it, for real long distance and speed

 I had a VERY detailed discussion with their technical support engineer.  You can log into the router with your phone and WATCH in real time, without refreshing, the cellular signal strength as you rotate the antenna mast.  The unit IS CDMA and GSM for ALL North American and EU carriers.  

On the MOFI Upper (back) LEFT is cellular PRIMARY antenna and the UPPER (back) RIGHT is cellular SECONDARY antenna.  

If you need to go further, you can add on any N male - female extension cable.  

  • Need 2x of these.  This is a quality N-Male to SMA-MALE  (NOT RP-SMA) This is double checked w/ the website.  This IS the connector that goes into the cellular antenna port on the cellular router. -  

I think running N Connectors all the way from the antenna to the router is a better low loss option, plus N connectors are a much better standard with lower loss than SMA.  This combination also gives you the 40+ feet you need to go from your antenna to your house.  Note: the WIFI antennas on the MOFI, which we are not changing at the moment, are RP-SMA (Reverse Polarity, but really Reverse PIN)  Which are easy to get to extend or but better antennas on them but the ones coming with this are not bad.  My new YAGI antennas are going on this Telescoping Antenna Pole and on the rear of my Bug Out Trailer (when parked)   


You can see...that I have a few years of practice and use of this system.   Many years actually.  

Steven Harris.